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Tough As Nails is a survival-oriented mod created by Glitchfiend, Adubbz and Forstride. It's focused on making the game more challanging and difficult by adding in more dangers, such as thirst, temperature and limited health. It has been discontinued since late 2019.

Effects with this mod[]

Body Temperature will be affected by biomes in this mod, for example (with no config changes) Alps will be -10, Xeric Shrubland will be +10, etc.


  • Thirst: Similar to hunger it drops from moving around and can be quenched by drinking different types of drinks.
  • Body Temperature: The Body Temperature is controlled by the Biome Temperature, Day-/Nighttime and more...
  • Tweaks: Tough As Nails makes tweaks to various vanilla features, including loot table balancing.