Biomes O' Plenty Wiki

As part of modified world generation, Biomes O' Plenty generates a number of new varieties of trees. Some were designed to make the biome more realistic, for example, Palm Trees in tropical biomes. Others, such as Magic Trees, were added to fantasy biomes for players who want to do a little make-believe. Trees have a log block, a leaf block, and planks, as well as slabs, stairs, pressure plates, buttons, fences, fence gates, signs, boats, chest boats, and doors. They also have saplings.

Each of the regular tree types can be cut down for wood and planks, and the planks can be crafted into stairs and slabs. They come in a variety of colors, which make them excellent for avid builders. Leaves can also be harvested with shears or broken for occasional saplings. Additionally, logs can be stripped to create barkless versions of their respective species.

Tree Info[]

This section displays info about all BOP trees. Note: Tree species are not 100% accurate and are chosen by the tree that most closely resembles it. Additionally, fictional names have been made up for the trees that are fantasy. You may edit the real tree species if you find one that looks more like it, however, DO NOT edit the fantasy ones.

Origin (Quercus primaria)[]

Origin trees are only found in the Origin Valley biome. They resemble the old oak trees from Alpha Minecraft. In fact, they even spawn with the same parameters as trees did in Alpha.

Sapling: Origin Sapling

Log: Oak Log

Leaves: Origin Leaves

Planks: Oak Planks

Flowering Oak (Quercus robur)[]

Flowering Oak trees are flowering versions of oaks that feature white blossoms. They can be found in lots of biomes.

Sapling: Flowering Oak Sapling

Log: Oak Log

Leaves: Flowering Oak Leaves, Oak Leaves

Planks: Oak Planks

Rainbow Birch (Betula irisofolia)[]

Rainbow Birch trees are birch trees found in the Rainbow Hills biome. Their color of leaves changes depending on where they are placed, hence the name. This is arguably the hardest tree to find.

Sapling: Rainbow Birch Sapling

Log: Birch Log

Leaves: Rainbow Birch Leaves

Planks: Birch Planks

Yellow Autumn (Betula alleghaniensis)[]

Yellow Autumn trees have yellow leaves. They spawn in Seasonal Forests.

Sapling: Yellow Autumn Sapling

Log: Birch Log

Leaves: Yellow Autumn Leaves

Planks: Birch Planks

Orange Autumn (Quercus rubra)[]

Orange Autumn trees have orange leaves. They spawn in Seasonal Forests.

Sapling: Orange Autumn Sapling

Log: Dark Oak Log

Leaves: Orange Autumn Leaves

Maple (Acer rubrum)[]

Sapling: Maple Sapling

Log: Oak Log

Leaves: Maple Leaves

Fir (Abies borisii-regis)[]

Sapling: Fir Sapling

Log: Fir Log

Leaves: Fir Leaves

Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)[]

Cherry (Prunus cerasus & Prunus itosakura)[]

Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni)[]

Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)[]

Palm (Roystonea regia)[]

Willow (Salix floridana)[]

Dead (N/A)[]

Magic (Aetherius magia)[]

Umbran (Corrupta tenebris)[]

Hellbark (Gehennus ignusifaeti)[]