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The Tundra is a hilly biome covered in maple scrub with lots of ferns and mossy rocks. Reeds can be found in the lakes of this biome. This biome was created to resemble the tundra of Siberia and northern North America, both inhospitable places. Gravel usually spawns near the shoreline in this biome. Survival is tough here, with the only wood coming from the single oak log in every bush, and no actual trees present. There are only 2 sources of meat - Zombies' Rotten Flesh and Rabbit's Meat, but these are not ideal and hard to get. Wolves and foxes spawn here.

There used to be a snowy variant of the biome called Snowy Tundra.


  • This biome used to exist in vanilla Minecraft prior to Beta 1.8, though with major differences.



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