A relatively flat Nether biome. The ground consists of mixed Netherrack, Soul Sand, and Overgrown Netherrack. It is covered in various Nether plants, including Dead Bushes, Thorns, red and brown mushrooms, Devilweeds, Glowshrooms, Burning Blossoms, Nether Wart, Wither Wart, and Hellbark Trees.

This biome can be much more dangerous than other Nether biomes (despite the lack of lava) if you are not properly prepared. The garden may look extremely inviting if you've been on the run from Ghasts, but many of the plants are very dangerous:

  • Thorns will deal 1 heart of damage to the player if broken or walked through.
  • Burning Blossoms will light the player on fire for a short period of time if broken or walked through by the player.

This can also be very useful, however, with an abundance of wood from the Hellbark Trees, lots of mushrooms and Persimmons for food.

Overworld generation Edit

Strangest bug ever i ever encountered

In BoP-1.7.10-, and several other 1.7.10 versions, this biome generates in the overworld.

Versions Edit

As of early April, 2016, Nether Biomes have not be re-added to 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 and 1.8.9. However, in version 1.11.2+ all nether biomes except Boneyard are readded to BOP.


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