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The Undergrowth, formerly Undergarden, is a densely filled nether biome with lots of bramble, sprouts, burning blossoms, and occasional hellbark trees. Willow vines hang from the ceiling, and spore particles meander around the green air. This biome can be much more dangerous than other Nether biomes (despite the lack of lava) if you are not properly prepared. This lush green area may look extremely inviting if you've been on the run from Ghasts, but many of the plants are very dangerous. Hoglins and Magma Cubes spawn in this biome.


As of early April, 2016, Nether Biomes have not be re-added to 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 and 1.8.9. However, in version 1.11.2+ all nether biomes except the Boneyard are re-added to BOP. In 1.16.1, this biome was renamed to Undergrowth.


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