UPDATE 2 January 19th 2017 - I will give people who make good edits and have 30+ contributions rollback - This allows you to easily revert vandalism.

UPDATE November 23rd 2016 - We still need more contributors, and I need more people to keep a watch over the wiki. If someone edits enough with an account then they will get promoted to rollback or content mod.


I've been here for quite awhile now, and I can see that this wikia is starting to revive, the infoboxes and templates are modernised, the design of the wiki looks great, and many pages are up to date, especially the Biome Finder page which really needed an explanation!

But there is one problem, we need more editors! Most editors don't edit very often and some only are here for a few days, so sign up for a wikia account and join in and help! This wiki gets a lot of visitors (About 26,000 a week), but a wikia I know only has 295 a week and they have more editors than us.

Also, our Biome List page, the most popular page on the wiki has been redesigned! It is now up-to-date. Navboxes for Blocks and Items are in development too! It would be good if people started uploading 48x48 pictures of each of the items & blocks (the size they appear in the minecraft inventories) because they would be good for the navbox as well.

Here is a new page: Ideas Repository! Here you can post your ideas about BOP.

UPDATE: Template:Grid/Crafting Table exists, so using that is much better than using pictures of crafting tables.

Remember: Together we make a better world!

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