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Plant/fungal/sessile animal life added by Biomes O' Plenty.



Acacia, Apple, Bamboo, Cherry, Dark, Dead, Dying, Fir, Hellbark, Jacaranda, Loftwood, Magic, Mangrove, Maple, Palm, Persimmon, Pine, Orange Autumn, Origin, Redwood, Umbran, Yellow Autumn, Willow   


Bluebells, Blue Hydrangea, Bromeliad, Burning Blossom, Chromaflora, Clover, Deathbloom, Enderlotus, Glowflower, Goldenrod, Icy Iris, Lavender, Lily of the Valley , Miner's Delight, Orange Cosmos, Pink Daffodil, Pink Hibiscus, Sunflower, Swampflower, Violet, Waterlily, White Anemone, White Dandelion, Wildflower


Dead Grass, Damp GrassDesert Grass, Desert Sprouts, Dune Grass, High Grass, Medium Grass, Purified Tall Grass, Short Grass, Sprout, Wheat Grass


Blue Milk Cap, Flat Mushroom, Glowshroom, Portobello, Toadstool

Aquatic Plants[]

Algae, Blue Coral, Glowing Coral, Kelp, Orange Coral, Pink Coral


Turnip, Wild Carrots

Other Plants[]

Barley, Berry Bush, Bush, Cattail, Ivy, Moss, Poison Ivy, Reed, River Cane, Root, ShrubThorns, Tiny Cactus, Tree Moss, Willow, Wither Wart