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Blood Bucket This page contains potentially disturbing content.
This page is about a subject that may make some people uncomfortable. View at your own risk.

The Visceral Heap is a Nether biome made of Flesh with Flesh Tendons hanging from the ceiling and bone columns on the ground. Hair, Pus Bubbles and Eyebulbs frequently spawn around the place. Porous Flesh also occasionally replaces flesh on the surface. Large strands of flesh protrude in this biome, with shroom lights in the center and flesh tendons hanging from below. Liquid blood lakes and springs spawn in this gross place.

First of all, you shouldn't be attempting to survive here, unless you are an incredibly experienced player with good knowledge of the Nether. The Nether is not the place to be surviving, so make sure you bring a lot of cobblestone to protect against Ghast fireballs.


As of early April 2016, Nether Biomes have not been re-added to 1.9 and 1.8.9 BoP, though the programmers are planning to bring them back. They are in 1.7.10 and earlier, though.

However, in version 1.11.2+ all nether biomes except Boneyard are re-added to BOP.

1.6.4 The Bloody Heap is added to the mod.
1.8 Bloody Heap and all other Nether biomes are removed from the mod.
1.11.2 Bloody Heap is re-added and renamed to Visceral Heap.
1.13.2 Eyebulbs and Blood springs no longer spawn in this biome.
1.16.1 The fog color was changed and large flesh strands were added in the biome.
1.17.1 Hair, Pus Bubbles, and Flesh Tendons were added.
1.18 Blood spawns once again.
1.19.2 Eyebulbs spawn once again.




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