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The Volcano is a rare biome made of smooth basalt. It is usually mountainous, and there are lots of lava lakes surrounded by magma blocks and stone. Ash particles similar to the ones in the Basalt Deltas spawn here. There is almost always a Volcanic Plains biome surrounding it. Survival in this biome would be difficult due to the lack of trees, impossibility of farming, and lack of passive mobs. The lava and magma blocks also provide an additional hazard.


Volcanic Plains[]

The Volcanic Plains is a biome made of black sand that spawns around the Volcano. There are patches of grass blocks and sprouts growing on them.


When BOP was released, the ground was also composed of Stone. In 1.6.4, Volcano's ground was changed from Stone to Ash Stone. In 1.7.10, it was changed to be an ocean sub-biome and was made more mountainous to resemble real-life volcanoes. In 1.8, the ground was changed once again to Ash Blocks and it was renamed to Volcanic Island. In 1.13.2, Volcanic Island was renamed back to Volcano and huge patches of Magma Blocks are added. In 1.16.1, Ash Blocks were replaced with Basalt blocks, and in 1.17.1 they were replaced with Smooth Basalt blocks.


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