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The Wasteland is a hard, cruel and inhospitable biome made of Dried Salt. Dead trees spawn here and the only vegetation is scattered patches of Dead Grass and Desert Grass. No passive or neutral mobs spawn here. Hostiles still spawn at night and in unlit areas, but Creepers do not spawn. Husks spawn instead of Zombies. Survival here is very difficult. Prior to 1.13, the dead wood found at the surface is only useful as fuel, rendering it almost impossible to survive here. Even after 1.13, it will still be difficult, as the wood in the area is still very scarce. Due to the lack of flora and fauna, food will be a big problem. You will either have to fish for food, or make yourself a nether portal and find food in the nether.

There are a total of two biomes in the family.


Wasteland Steppe[]

Wasteland Steppes are variants that generate at higher elevations within the regular wasteland.


In earlier versions of BOP, this biome had dirt spikes coming out of the ground, and the water was green. Although in the 1.8/1.9 update of the mod, the random spikes of dirt appear to have been removed and the dirt color has changed to a darker black. In 1.12.2, the color of the water was changed from green to brown. In 1.16.4 - 1.19.2, the Wooded Wasteland variant biome existed, but it was merged with the regular wasteland in 1.19.3.


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