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Withered Abyss is a very dark Nether biome with a black fog and the ground is made out of Blackstone with some very small patches of Obsidian and Crying Obsidian. Blackstone Bulbs are scattered across the ground and it lacks piles of Glowstone. Only Enderman and Wither Skeletons spawn in this biome. If you are going to the Nether for the first time, make sure to avoid this biome, because it is very dark to see unless you bring some torches or Glowstone. Crying Obsidian and Blackstone Bulbs, however, do provide a very small amount of light. Also make sure to wear some armor, because Wither Skeletons spawn naturally and can easily take you out without armor. Wither Skeletons along with no Glowstone piles will make it very dangerous to travel through this biome due to Wither Skeleton's Wither effect and almost complete darkness. Endermen are fine unless you look in their eyes.


  • Withered Abyss is the only biome that lacks piles of Glowstone.
  • If grass and leaves are placed in the Withered Abyss, they will be black instead of yellow.


It was added in 1.16.1, originally called Shadowlands, but it was quickly renamed to Withered Abyss due to Shadowlands being the same name of the World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion.[1]


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